new friends will be one week old tomorrow...


10 Years
Mar 15, 2009
their little personalities are emerging. I love the little chatter thing they do when happy. (eg. tiny romaine pieces added to water....nappy time...walk time in the yard). They are great.

What pleases your goslings?
Chopped up grass and leaves (especially dandelions), water, and snuggles. For them, preferably all together. I prefer to snuggle before their daily water flinging fest. But.. I always end up hugging a wet gosling or 10 at the end of the day.
Just about anything that involves mama makes Alex squeak with joy. x) He especially loves walks and when we're on the way home, he'll run ahead under my shadow and then come ruuuunning back all peeps and chatter. So cute!
They both jumped in the dish this morning in the tub. I like to put them in there on a towel with the 3 inch deep water bowl w/ floating lettuce once or twice a day. This way they can go under with their little faces and I'm right there watching. Amusement at it's best!

They sure do love water. : )
I'm so glad that you're enjoying your little ones! My Sebbie goslings are almost all grown up and I have two new goslings just a few days old. One's a Brown Chinese and one's a Roman Tufted. They're so cute!

Don't they just melt your heart?!?!?!


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