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So, funny story: My mom and I went grocery shopping today, and I was talking about how it took forever to find a carton of eggs that weren't cracked, and at the register, it was a ridicolous amount of money for not much food. So when we were coming home, I was talking about the garden we're planning for the spring, and then I got to thinking-If fresh, healthier vegetables are cheaper grown at home, wouldn't eggs be cheaper layed at home? And wouldn't fresh eggs be healthier, too? At that point, I didn't even know if it was possible to keep chickens at the house to lay eggs. But now I know it's possible, and I really think it's an awesome idea :)

From chickens, we've grown to deciding to get a sow (female pig) as well, to breed and sell the babies, on top of the garden. We only have an acre and a half, so I'm pretty sure that's going to have to be the limit.

Anyways, back to the chickens, we still have to get the coop built, so we probably won't bring home any chicks for a few months. But, there's nothing wrong with researching before hand, right?


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Hello and welcome to BYC
You are definitely on the right track! Between a vegetable garden, a pig and some chickens you will have plenty food and the garden will help feeding the pig and the chickens and save you money there as well. Have you seen our sister site ?
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Greetings from Kansas, Alabamabelle, and
! Happy you joined our community! Souunds like you're jumping right into self-sufficiency! That is awesome. I agree with sumi about checking out the other site. Best of luck to you! Oh, and once you eat farm raised eggs you will never go back!!

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