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Aug 26, 2011
Since I grew up in the city, I never thought I'd even consider owning chickens, but here I am with 6 four-week-old chicks. (All hens - 2 black sex link, 4 red producers.) I'm learning as I go. So far, they all seem happy. The goal is to have 12 so we can get a good dozen or so eggs each day to feed my five kids (1,2,4,6,7). They eat about 10 a day right now (plus fruit, cereal, turkey-bacon and pancakes) and my DH and I don't even get to share them! The chicks are outside in a small cage that I move around the yard in the silty dirt. I take them in near the house and cover them at night. It doesn't get very cold here...mostly in the high 50s low 60s year round.

The city recently made it legal to have chickens but I don't want them be a nuisance to my neighbors. We've got plenty of back yard space and I've been gathering ideas for a chicken tractor to move around the yard. I'd like to build a permanent roost/coop for them at night. We just built our rabbit a very nice enclosure for his hutch and may copy the plans for the chicken coop. We'll see...

Thanks for all of your posts and especially pictures. They've really made it seem do-able. I'm so glad for this site! The friend I got the chicks from assured me that chickens are pretty easy I'm crossing my fingers I don't screw this up too bad.



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Sep 22, 2009
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People I knew B.C. are amazed I not only keep chickens, but that I keep a FLOCK of chickens, now.

I couldn't have done it without BYC, honestly. And then, to discover I LIKED chickens, then was amazed by their personalities, and then grew to love them... Well, without BYC I would have made a lot more mistakes, botched some stuff, and continued to think I was slightly "tetched in the head" had I not discovered there are a whole bunch of folks equally enamored of their chickens.

The past two years of my life have been far more enjoyable since I learned to keep poultry..... For my health. My blood pressure has gone down, I watch far less TV, I eat more veggies and fruit (so I can give some to the flock), and I laugh several times a day.

Welcome to the forum! May you enjoy your chickens as much as the nuttiest amongst us!

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