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Hello fellow chicken lovers,
We brought home 3, 10 month old hens (a stunning mottled Ancona and two (one black and one white) Ameraucanas or perhaps Easter eggers - I'm still trying to figure them out) on Saturday. We added to our menagerie of existing animals. A blue and gold Macaw, an Irish wolfhound, an old blind miniature Doberman pincher/chihuahua mix, and a silly cat who predominately stays on the roof.
My daughters are eight and almost 5. I'm hoping through treats and nightly holding that I can get these chickens tame enough to not flee from their presence when I start to let them roam.
I just wanted to say hi. I have a few questions but I will do my best to read up more here before I ask. (I just finished two books from the library!)
Have a lovely day and I hope you find eggs,
Greetings from Kansas, Christine, and
! Pleased you joined our community! Best of luck to you and your birds!!
chickens that age may take longer to tame but, you have a great allay on your side - treats!!! It's good if you use the same container to carry treats(like Boss) and rattle it loudly when approaching the chickens. This teaches them they can expect good stuff and they will soon mob you to get it.
Thank you all for the welcome! Yesterday was their first day roaming their new home and they were amazing. They even tucked themselves into their coop at 7:45 without incident.
An excellent idea with the noisy containe, I will try it! Although as I ate my lunch they were willing to get as close as my feet while I tossed a few tidbits. Names will hopefully come to my girls and I, for them, this week.

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