New from Iowa-ducks, chickens, turkeys and geese (oh and 2 pigs)


Apr 3, 2015
Hi I am new to BYC. I always need help and decided it is time to join!
I have had chickens from 3 years now, best decision of my life. I started with 6 RIR and then was given two ducks from someone who lived in town, fell in love with the ducks. One year ago a mink broke in and took out my first flock. I am still sad about it. All my RIR and my two beloved ducks. I had had them for a year at that point. So a year ago I added 6 more ducks-4 silver appleyards, two rouen ducks, 6 barred rocks, 5 random from a class that hatched them. I added 12 red sex links last fall. I also have 5 new buff orpington chicks that are 6 weeks old, 3 turkeys. In the basement I have 6 ducklings and 3 geese. One month ago added 2 piglets-half tamworth and half red wattle. They are fun, the ducks do not like them at all.

Basically I have become a lover of all poultry and pigs and spring is always a good time to add to the coop! Since it is my third year I have a ton of questions and looking forward to joining!


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We're glad you joined us.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Sounds like you have a very nice selection of animals! sorry for you losses, predators are no fun!


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Hello there and welcome to BYC!

I am so sorry for your losses! Predators sure do cause troubles. But it sounds like you have a nice assortment of birds now.

Make yourself at home here and if you have any questions or run into any more issues, feel free to ask around the forums.

Welcome to our flock!

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Sorry for your losses, you may want to check out the predator section for advice on keeping your animals safe. Welcome to the BYC flock.

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