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Mar 14, 2009
I am pretty new to raising chickens. Last year I orderd chicks from the local feed store and For the first time incubated eggs 22 days ago.

We got 21 eggs of wich 19 where fertile. We candled on day 16 and 14 where alive and moving. When hatch day came(yesterday) only 4 hatched. 2 pipped but stoped after that. Does any one know what could have caused this. I have a still air incubator. the teprature was 101 and humidty was about 55% untill day 18 raised to about 70%. We thought we did everything correct but obviusly did not. Any ideas for next time?
Welcome! I'm from Maine too-where are you? 101 temp for the whole time sounds too high. It's supposed to be 99.5. I have had spike in temp higher for short times, and still had a good hatch. Were the eggs shipped (I have had pretty good luck with shipped eggs, but I don't expect 100%) or old? That can lower your hatch rate. Lots of good info on this site!

Thank you for the warm welcome. I work in oxford about a half a hour from you. Yes the eggs where shipped and I really do not know what happened to them before they arived to me. I thought that the temp should be at 101 for a still air incubator??? Not really sure I have read a lot of conflicting information on this. Maybe humidity is to high?
Welcome to BYC!

Banter! Your chickie picture is darling!

I am so sorry about your hatch. I have had many that go that way. Some just don't make it out. What type of bird were they? I tend to keep my humidity closer to 65 degrees. I don't always think the still airs work as well as the circulated.....but hatching can be tricky, especially with shipped eggs.

This is a wonderful site and I hope you have many successful hatches to come.
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