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My name is Tracie, and I'm not really "new" to chickens - my grandparents always had chickens of various breeds and we used an incubator every year. I didn't even have a store-bought egg until I was in my teens!
Now that my 2 daughters are 8 and soon-to-be 2 years old, I thought it was a good time for some backyard chickens.

We started out with 2 black sex-link chicks from a local feed store. I really wanted Dominique bantams and we finally found some. We came home with 14, gave away 5, but now only have 1 of those babies left!! I still don't know what killed them all, but the remaining one seems to be just fine and the other 2 sex-links are huge now.
I will probably look for more bantam babies, my husband wants a RIR banty if we can find one. I really don't want a rooster though, since we live in a subdivision.

Right now we are still building a coop and run. So far the construction has been free - my hubby can bring home scrap lumber from work so that has been a big help. We have a backyard veg. garden, blueberries, grapevines, a plum tree and many other blooming trees and shrubs.

Hubby's name is John, my girls are Ailish (8) and Mina (2). (We're Irish/English blood) They are in love with the chickens. Mina calls them "bite bites". She even crows and makes a clucking sound at them - it's too cute.

I like to make elaborate birthday cakes for my girls & John, I like most any craft and am a bit OCD about the house. I like to change things up a bit every few months around the house, either moving all the furniture around or redecorating and painting a room.
I collect rubber duckies, cartoon glasses from the 70s and 80s, and have a huge Smurf collection on display in my kitchen along with most of my best childhood toys. (Like Richard Scarrey and Sesame Street characters, and of course, Matchbox cars that were my Dad's and a red International tractor) I love toys!

John and I are both tattooed, I have 3, he just has 1. We have 2 indoor cats, Shugie the tortoise shell and Chessie the tabby. They are both crazy.

I work from home in medical transcription so my kids won't have to be in daycare. John works about 2 miles from home at Morgan, a box-truck building company (like a rental moving truck).

I love all animals and really miss having land for many more critters!!

Whew -this was a long intro! I'm happy to see so many folks who appreciate chickens!


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My Coop
You'll fit right in here!

Welcome to BYC... You are going to love your Black sex links... We have two and in the last three days they've both given us an egg every day!

Good luck with the coop too!

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