New from PA

Mar 27, 2018
Elizabethtown Pennsylvania
I have 18 hens and 2 roosters. they are all brown egg layers. they are all chickens I got as peeps last year from tractor supply. I would like to get some ducks and a goose. I also have 26 goats, 9 barn cats, and 2 dogs. I have had chickens off and on my whole life. I'm not sure what breed of chickens I have 4 are black I know 2 are mixed because I hatched them out. and the others are red. they are all big chickens.

Glad you're here !

A must have for your poultry is a FIRST AID KIT for any issues that would arise. (
It's definitely better to have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it.

Also, make sure your coop(s) have a proper amount of VENTILATION. ( Your chickens will absolutely thank you for it!

One last thing, if you're into gardening, feel free to join this years SEED SWAP (

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