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Apr 5, 2011
New Alexandria
Ok, New to BYC, but a chickie owner for 1 year now
My name is Lori
We Have no clue what kind of chickens we have, but soooo far 1 roo and 8 hens and 2 chickies ( 1 week olds, hatched by none other ). we also have 2 turkeys and 3 ducks 1 rottie and 1 awfully old ugly cat.
on top of that I am a stay at home mom, we ( my husband and I ) have 8 children, with 5 kids still at home ( 4 boys and 1 daughter) , 1 married daughter with a grand daughter, 1 in her own place with a grand son and our oldest son married and currently in Iraq.

we ( my 5 at home kids and I ) went to the farm store one day and got our first chickens and a couple of ducks, and ever since then we just fell in for the feathered kind. we love them!!
I am looking forward to reading all the posts and getting to know all of you

Another duck person! They are so amazing! You came to teh right site for EVERYTHING poultry!

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