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8 Years
Aug 6, 2013
Been lurking for awhile, decided to finally join. Have owned chickens for many years, grew up in a family that had chickens and other smaller barnyard animals (rabbits, pigs, goats).

Currently I have a bunch of poultry
17 Indian Runners - 5 fawn/white, 6 chocolate, 6 black
4 Turkeys - 1 Royal Palm, 1 Bourbon Red, 2 Blue Slate
25 Chickens of various breeds
4 Orpingtons
2 Gold Laced Wyandottes
1 Silver Laced Wyandotte
5 BLRW - 2 Black, 2 Blue, 1 Splash
5 Easter Eggers
1 Ameraucana
4 Cuckoo Marans
1 Jersey Giant
1 Production Red
1 Muttly - Sold as a BLRW as a chick, clearly not, suspected Orp cross

2 Orps and 1 EE are 1.5 years old, the rest are all 6 months or younger. Have 3 confirmed Roo's, Muttly, 1 Orp (Jubilee/Buff cross) and 1 BLRW. Have a couple younger suspected Roos.

The Indian Runners are for herding, at least the drakes, the girls are for eggs. Now that they have started to lay the girls will be separated and the only time they will be worked is if they don't go back into their pen at night. Pretty sure I have a 50/50 split (approx) on the Runners.

The Turkeys are mainly eye candy, just because I think they are cool. I'm hoping they will raise some poults, which will end up in the freezer.

The chickens are for eggs and later when they start raising their own chicks some will end up in the freezer.
Splash BLRW Hen





Indian Runner
do you work your runners with border collies or ????
Belgian Malinois :) I will be taking them down to my instructors facility so they get accustomed to other breeds, but I mainly got them for my own dogs to practice with. This was their very first session, they were around 2 months old.


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