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May 19, 2016
Valley Center, Ca
Hiya :D

My name is Kate. I am from Valley Center (San Diego county). I have about 17 or so random chickens (RIR, Americauna, Polish--only 1 or 2 of each type). I also just got 5 Serama and, 3 silkies (1 white rooster, 1 white hen and, 1 broody black hen). And I have 8 ducks and 1 BBB turkey.

I am pretty obsessed with my chickens. I sit outside for hours and just talk to them like a lunatic. I will crawl around and whistle at them when I find a pile of bugs for them to enjoy. My family thinks I've lost it. Maybe I have.... but I did find chickens

I just moved here in April so I am still building more coops and enclosures. Especially because I went from about 5 chickens to everything I have now
Luckily I am on 20 acres so I have lots of space. I free range my flock during the day. They put themselves to bed when the sun sets. I cannot train them to go in before
I have dogs that don't bother them and will keep predators away (one is a LGD). So for now they can take their sweet time getting in the coop.

I am also hatching my first set of eggs. Svart Hona. They lock down on Wednesday
I know I lost a few because the power was out a few times. But hopefully I will at least get a few out of the 12 I set.

I hope I can connect with other people who are chicken crazy... Maybe make some local trading buddies. Excited to be part of a chicken loving community!!!!

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If you join your state thread, you may very well find buddies. Just put state name in search box and it will come up. Welcome to BYC

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