new fuzzies and the 8 wk olds

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  1. Poultra

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    May 26, 2008
    Just wanted to share. Here's a pic of the batch that hatched a couple of days ago. They are all mixed breed fuzzies, some from Fredster and the others are from my birds.


    And these are my 8 week olds from my birds. Their daddy is a splash orpington roo who is in with RIR, GC and BO hens. Too bad the camera washed their colors out. The first one on the left has a pretty coppery red breast and the one next to her (hope it's a her) is colored like a robin. That one also moved at the last moment and made it's comb look larger than it really is.


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  2. Wynette

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    Sep 25, 2007
    Can you saw AWE!!!!! You have some cute chickies and juvies, too! Thanks for sharing! [​IMG]

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