New girls in the flock and it's murder in the hen house!

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    A lot of you know we lost half the flock since January as we got a Respiritory disease in them and it wipped out half. Now thank the lord it is under control and weve had no deaths for near 3 months. So we are now thinking of biulding the flock back up.

    We decided to go back to the place we orriginally got the girls from and we got 2 plain PR birds because we lost several of our good layers and needed a few to boost eggs. We called them Esther and Ruth. As we know they are not infected with anything bad as the place they come from is very healthy - we put the girls into the pen with ours. The last time we introduced hens there was not a big issue they just hudled up in a corner and eventually got accepted. But those two are now the chief bullies of the two new girls. It has been Murder in the hen house since with lots of noise and feathers flying. The girls were in the run but then they jumped the fence into the garden to get away from Florry and Agnes. So I got them back and then two seconds later they went over the other gate at the back of the run over the top of the coop and onto the run roof which gives them acces to the next door yard where their big dog was waiting with his mouth open! I managed to yank them down and lock them into the small run enclosed off the coop. But now my birds are in the outer run screeching blue murder! UGH!

    The daft thing is I have a 12 week old pullet and today we picked up 2 of the most sweet little girls 10 week Maran pullets and we dumped them in together and there isn't a sound from the baby cage ! They are all huddled up together like they were always friends!

    However I am just waiting for the neighbors to bang the door - as the screeching from my yard is something to behold! I need helping or ear muffs! or I need to move out! I am going to take the scissors to their wings to try to stop the escape bid! Darn![​IMG]

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