New girls joining my flock tomorrow...Sooooo excited!

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    Feb 10, 2013
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    I'm probably far too old to be getting so excited about some new chickens arriving - but who cares?! I am! [​IMG]

    I have 14 ladies at the moment and tomorrow I collect either 4 or 6 new girls (told DH it would be 4 but it may accidentally turn out to be 6...) I have reserved for me: 2 maran cuivre (maran hybrids), 1 white leghorn, 1 skyline (otherwise known as cream legbar hybrid or columbine) but I have also tentatively reserved an amber link hybrid and a light sussex.

    The first 4 are not only to boost egg production but also to enhance the multi colour egg boxes. The last 2 are 'just because'!

    does anyone else here have any of these breeds? would love to hear any thoughts on them personality or production/egg wise :)

    ok...back to googling them :) LOL! I may grow up one day.....

  2. na, you are not to old to get eggcited about new arrivals! Never to old!!!! Sounds like a great addition to your current flock! I don't have any of those breeds, but really want a few.

    How did it go? did you end up with the 4 or steal a few extra??? I did that last week. ordered 6 chicks and came home with 7. 'But honey, I dont know HOW it got in there!!!!"

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