New girls - new drama


May 14, 2019
New England

picked up a silver Wyandotte and a buff orp yesterday to add to my three original girls who are almost 2 yrs old. Lost one of my brahmas last week due to unknown cause- it was always a little off so maybe there was always something wrong with her. Sad. The Wyandotte has quickly become the dominant hen. The orp very shy and timid. And all along I was worried that my barred rock Norma would be picking on the newbies! Funny how when the Wyandotte was introduced she went right to Norma and they duked it out for a sec. now they’re all afraid of the Wyandotte but I guess that’s nature for ya! Just thought I’d share!
The three original slept in their spots on roost and the two newbs huddled in a nesting box.


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Very pretty girls! Thanks for sharing! Yes the pecking order is brutal sometimes. But eventually things get worked out. So sorry for the loss of your Brahma. :hugs

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