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    I added 2 new chicks today.
    I had already picked up 2 chicks from TSC (split order with another guy who only wanted 4) in Feb. DH asked if I wanted anymore! Our local feed store had easter eggers and I decided, those would be neat to have. I work from home, but fly to NY about once a month, so he just asked that I wait until I got back from my last trip (came home Wed) so he wasn't dealing with little littles. Well, feed store doesn't have any more and I wasn't interested in any from TSC and didn't want 6 more anyway.

    There is a little farm a couple miles from me. She listed that she had a bunch of chicks, including lavender orpingtons. I've had my eye on them for a while. She had some 3 week olds which is what I was leaning toward, but only one lav orp left and it seemed to be rooish. She had a handful of day or two olds and we pull them out of the brooders and one just sat in my hand. Of the 5 we had out, 1 was a boy and 2 we were all pretty sure might be a girl. The other 2 were pulled from the incubator and not quite dry and fully fluffed yet. So picked out my lav orp. Then set out to pick another breed (I like being able to easily tell them apart!). She was naming off some I've not heard of or if I did, knew nothing of. Then she pulled out a little blue cochin who she thinks is a girl. Daughter checked and also thought was a girl. I've been wanting a cochin too!

    So we left with my little 1 day old lavender orpington and a 2 day old blue cochin.
    Set up the brooder on the patio again.

    Once the 10 week old TSC chicks are fully integrated into the coop (divider came down last night), the new girls will move out for the night. They will stay on the patio for the week with supervised trips out and then will move to a pen within the pen so everybody can get to know the newest new kids.

    They are nameless for now. We suck at names.

    Lav Orp snuggling under the cochin


    DH holding the new girls for pics

    they came from Meme's Poultry for anybody in southern AL or the FL panhandle...
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