new girls with a cockerel and a feathering ex bat !

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    Oct 23, 2011
    At the moment I have a VERY poorly hen living in the kitchen(Don't hold out much hope)"Sods law" Husband and I have been extending the living quarters and run so we could get three point of lays to mix with our two rescue hens and Frank,our rescue bantam cockerel.Was hopeing to get warrens as they are large enough to keep Frank in check.Would it be o.k for them to go in straight away together ? I wont get them until poorly Grace is well or no longer with us.But it would be nice to have the information.They are free range in the afternoon and in the pen in the morning,as my hen sitter keeps them in the pen on the odd times we go away,the original pen was designed for 8/12 hens we have doubled that and there will be five hens and Frank so they have more than enough room.I know I am rambling but I treat all my animals like part of the family.And at the moment I feel like a desperate Mother not wanting to upset what I have and making sure the new members of our family settle in.I am a new member so it would be lovely to hear from you xx:/

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