New girls won't go outside

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    Oct 13, 2013
    We added 15 new hy-lines to our main flock exactly one week ago. Learning from our first experience, we released these girls inside the coop so they'd know it was home. There's been a bit of a shake up as everyone reestablishes the pecking order, but nothing really nasty. Most everyone seems to have found their place now.

    However, while my older girls all run outside eagerly in the morning, the new ones are still too shy to go outside. They are starting to spread out more inside the coop and mingle more with the older girls (instead of huddling up in a corner together playing ostrich!) but they still don't go outside even when the weather is gorgeous like it is today.

    The last batch of hens we integrated late last Summer were outside the very next day. Should I be concerned? Should I physically shoo them out? Am I worrying too much? [​IMG]
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    Leave them be, they will go out when they adjust to their new surroundings and feel comfortable. Encourage them to go out by throwing treats outside. All it will take is one going out and the rest will follow.

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