9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
I just got my new girls (8 of them). They are the most scared girls I have seen. I know they had a tough drive to my back yard, but if I did not know better I would think they were miss treated. They do not go into the coop to sleep - so I have to put them in (harder than it sounds) and they do not like treats. I give them the fruit and yorgurt from my breakfast table (I run a B&B). They are only 16 weeks old and they seem to have lost all thier natural instincts. Any suggestions

Mrs. K

Free Ranging
10 Years
Nov 12, 2009
western South Dakota
Well, I think that they will settle down. I would keep them confined, so that they can look out and get adjusted, but without too much freedom. Until they settle down, I would just feed them chicken food. Then in a couple of days, add some greens, not too much. Or some scratch. I think the trip may have upset them.

Or they may have other health issues. keep an close eye, but keep them a bit quiet for a day or two. mk

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