New goslings and hot weather

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Rosebud 18, Jul 11, 2011.

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    I have 3 little goslings that are a week old today. I have them on my screened-in back porch so they can run around some. The instructions said not to let them in water until they are 3 wks. old. The temp. was 100 today and its hotter than that on the porch. I have a weather thermometer out there that says 110. Will it be ok to put a pan of water for them to cool off in? I have a fan on them but it is only keeping the hot air circulating. I don't want them to over heat but I'm also afraid of them chilling when they get wet. What do you all think?

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    If it is a shallow pan, and the goslings can easily get out of - there is no harm.

    When I raise gosling in the house or when my geese raise goslings - those babies are in the water within days. They just love it.

    You want to be sure, like I said that they can easily get out. If the pan is a bit deep - over 4 inches or so, I put a rock/brick in to help boost the babies over the edge. If they cannot get out easily, they will get soaked, then chilled and die. They are not water resistant like a bird with plumage.

    Enjoy [​IMG] They really get excited in the water.
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    Mine have water from day one. As the PP said it just needs to be shallow and easy for them to get in and out of. I don't give them anything that they can't touch bottom in without supervision until they're older, but they can have a shallow pan to play and cool off in from the start. Also, don't be afraid to make them a temporary pen in the shade outside where it's (relatively) cooler. We get them on grass/pasture as soon as possible when weather allows.
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    Ours went into water at 1 week or less. They naturally did it --- but it is a shallow round (bottom of pot plant lid) about 2' across and the depth is about 2" - just enough for them to dip their faces and their feet touch bottom. They can stand up and get in and out on their own.

    It's the deep water they can't handle - they can't get in and out of the container and they die or drown. so, make sure it's shallow - never leave them unattended and let them splash around in it... Do it a couple of times in the heat of the day filling it with clean water and let them cool off ---

    Yes, it's hot it's 101 here today in the Houston area (South near Pearland) and we are having to do a lot to keep our goslings and geese cool in this heat - changing water 2-3 times in the afternoon with fresh cool, shade, fans isolating, etc..... just keep close eye on this -- these are not normal conditions.

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