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Dec 30, 2011
Western Washington

I'm just getting started with chickens again, and found your delightful forum while researching different breeds. There are so many friendly and informative people here that I decided to stick around.

My previous experience was with hatchery birds (Harder's Hatchery in Eastern Washington) with Delawares, Black Austrolorps, and what I thought were Ameraucanas but were probably Easter Eggers. Oh, and one little mystery chick that was orphaned and left at the feed store for adoption. She grew into the most personable little mahogany-speckled hen that was my son's pet and my gardening companion. It warms my heart just to think of her.

I'm especially interested in friendly/companionable birds and am partial to colored eggs. Some broodiness would be a plus, as I get a lot of pleasure watching hens tending to their chicks.

After reading all 162 pages of the barnevelder thread, I'm thinking an incubator is in my near future. And so it begins...

Valerie, in Western Washington
from Oregon! I have a mixed flock of hatchery birds and 3 Speckled Sussex from another Oregon BYC'er. Those 3, big, mahogany with white speckles, are constantly under foot. This summer they were the Broody Queens. My hatchery Speckled Sussex are much much smaller. Along with the big Sussex my Buff Brahmas are also quite friendly and better at steering clear of my feet. Delawares have been on my wish list for friendly birds but now I think I will go check out the barnevelder thread. Again, welcome to BYC!

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