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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by LeJeune1, Mar 14, 2013.

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    Jul 25, 2011
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    We've had our 10 guinea for two weeks now. I've been reading, studying, watching and spending alot of time in the coop with them. We have 3stalls in our coop. I have them with our Barred Hollands they all seem to be getting along ok. I got these from a farmer in SW Louisiana who told me they were aby 9 mos old and not paired up yet. After endless hours listening to buckwheats and chi chi chis, I have decided only 2 of the 10 are female. . . ... . what should I do and when should I expect them to begin laying. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Guinea Hens make the chi-chi-chi call too... that's the alarm call that both sexes make, not a male-specific call. Only Hens buck-wheat tho.

    It would not really matter if your birds had paired up before you bought them or not. With a new coop/ pen and new flock-mates (your BH's) the pecking order and flock dynamics got rearranged anyway. If you only have a couple Hens you may see some extra males tagging along with a Hen and her primary mate, waiting for their opportunity to mate the Hen (the Hens aren't always monogamous if they don't have to be, and the males are always opportunistic).

    The Hens can start laying eggs any time now. They are seasonal layers, Spring thru Fall. Some areas do not see eggs from their flocks until mid to late April tho. Usually depends on how much sunlight they are exposed to (the longer day light hours trigger them to lay).

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