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Jun 14, 2010
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Thought I would drop a quick Hello to everyone. I have been lurking for about a month and thought I would go ahead and join the fun. I got 11, 2 day old Buff orpingtons on April 16. Paid for 10, got a free one thrown in. I thought that it being my first bunch I would lose some, but as of today I still have all 11- one of which turned out to be a roo. I brooded them in our spar bathtub till it got warm enough to move them out side. I took part of my 16 x 16 shelter and gave then a house that is 6x6 with a 10 x 12 covered run. They get to free range our fenced backyard when we are home. I was worried about our Boarder Collie and cats, but the chick have gotten big enough that they leave them alone. I am using deep ltter in their house and leaf litter in the run. I take my garden fork and fill up the wagon behind my lawn mower with as much leaf litter as it will hold and dump it in the run. they are more happy with it than they are with scratch grains!
Thanks to all who post on here and help us new folks.
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Mar 29, 2010
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Glad to have another North Carolinian join the forum!



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