New guy in Montana saying thanks


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Sep 28, 2009
Hello all-
thanks for having a spot that traps all this great info.

(1) I'm so new to chickens they are still living at a friends coop, I did raise ducks for a few years.... HUGE learning curve.
Their coop is 90% built, wires dug 18" down and 1/2" wire cloth from the ground up 2 feet and then 2" X 4" X 6'.
Still unsure on the inside set up??? location, location, location.

(2) I'm slated for 6 somethings? I do know they just started laying eggs at Dave's a few weeks ago, may take them some time to start again over here??

(3) I know the chickens I'm getting have feathers, but that is about it.

(4) How did you find out about
Started looking online for coop ideas and this place seemed to be the wealth of info, with a clean look and some folks who seem to care about their critters and helping others.

(5) I like to ride dual sport bikes and snow ski, water skiing is great but I'll only go in a 3-2-1 or if the water is 70+...

Mnt biking seems to take a fair amount of my time as well.

My wife and I live on a Ranch in Montana, I'm a house pet so the house is mine and she drives the 64 miles ( RT ) to town each day.
We care take for some VERY nice folks so my day to day keeps changing like the weather.
We have 2 horses, 2 lamas, 2 dogs, 4 cats and lots and lots of elk

See you out there.


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