New Hampshire and/or New England: LA FLECHE breeder(s) wanted

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    We are looking for a hard-core poultry breeder or for someone who wants to be a hard-core poultry breeder AND who wants to work hard-core with the exceedingly rare La Fleche.

    We were very fortunate to procure a nice line of La Fleche from an old-time breeder in Maine but have decided that we need to be dedicated to our two long-standing breeds, White Dorkings and Anconas. As a result the La Fleche have moved on to a good home. However, we have an incubator full of La Fleche eggs, and we would sincerely hope to find a proper home for these chicks.

    These birds have strong points and weak points:

    1. They are very fertile.
    2. They have nice feather quality
    3. Strong type
    4. Good hardiness
    5. Good egg-laying capacity
    6. They are beautiful
    7. They are flighty and shy
    8. They are under-weight
    9. They have toe issues in some hatchlings, which must be selected against.

    The right home for these chicks is with a no nonsense breeder:
    1. Someone who has the facilities to maintain mulitple breeding groups with multiple cocks
    2. Somone who has the facilities to raise LOTS of chicks and to separate the cockerels and pullets at the appropriate age
    3. Someone who has absolutely zero qualms about culling
    4. Someone who is willing to do the necessary work of inspection and record keeping, toe punching, etc....
    5. Someone who already does or who wants to participate in the APA poultry culture of showing in the New England region
    6. Someone who is not a Lone Ranger, who actively wants to learn more, ask advice, and be part of the community
    7. Someone who is willing to make a long term commitment to this breed, with all of its stengths and current shortcomings and who truly wants to be the hero of this breed which is in outstanding need of preservation.

    The chicks we are offering will be given away free of charge--we want absolutely no impediment to the right person who is willing to make a long-term commitment to these birds and who understands what that means. Please, these genetics are truly rare, and this cannot be just a random whim.

    The chicks are coming out of four breeding pens, from four different sires and multiple dams. They will be toe-punched accordingly.

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