New Hampshire Red or Production Red?


14 Years
Mar 24, 2008
Salt Lake City / Sugarhood
This chicken was sold to me as a Rhode Island Red. Last fall, BYCers helpfully suggested that she is actually a New Hampshire Red.

Now, as she is almost 9 months old, I wonder if that holds - or if she might be a "Production Red". I am trying to determine which of my chickens is most likely to become broody. NHR's are supposed to have a decent chance of becoming broody, whereas I don't know about Production Reds (less likely?). She started laying in early January, and lays Large or XL light pinky-brown eggs.

She is very slight in the body. On the other hand, I have two BR and they are very different (one is chunky, the other is scrawny) so I know it can vary by the individual chicken.

Here's a recent pic (age 38 weeks). Thanks in advance for any opinions or info!
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