New Hampshire Reds


6 Years
Jul 23, 2013
Surprise Arizona
I have 2 New Hampshire Reds. They are about a month younger than my other chickens but they are huge. I call one of them Big Momma because she is the biggest of the bunch. Are the New Hampshire Reds normally big chickens? I keep looking at them thinking that they would be good to breed for meat chickens. I keep looking at the size of the breasts on these girls and just keep thinking how good they would be. I have named and gotten to know these girls so they will never make it to the rotissarie but if they are normally this big and meaty I'm thinking that I need to get about a dozen of them and raise them for meat chickens.
Yes, they are good dual purpose chickens. Very good for meat and eggs. Other advantage is they mature faster than many breeds. For example even faster than Leghorns. I've heard that Ideal hatchery's are very good meaty birds.

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