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  1. balljet

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    May 16, 2014
    so.. I have had the pleasure of owning chickens but due to travel had to give them up. Wanted to get a few new chickens due to being home more regularly.
    I am in the Sacramento area and CL is flooded with ads from a guy in the area selling chickens.. he told me come over tomorrow and when I contacted him at 3.15 pm close to his area he said: Too late, my Girls are getting ready to go to sleep.. no, you can’t come!
    Anyway, I had a car and crate all ready to pick uchickens and was super disappointed...
    I called another add and it was within a couple of minutes drive and I went to look at his chickens.
    Now, it has been very rainy here. However, his setup was deplorable. About 30 chickens in a small irregular shaped area,maybe 60sq. Ft. (Incl run) basically a pool of mud and crud. Of course I should not want any of his chickens...
    Feeling sad for the chickens I said, OK I’ll buy 3.
    I got one barred rock, one Easter egger and one bantam. ( youngest one)
    Drove them home, and put hem in my really nice coop full of dry bedding.
    So, esp. the bantam was so excited, she literally was doing cartwheels in the bedding, just burying and covering herself.. LOL, she seemed ecstatic! The barred rock also was covering herself ... didn’t even want to look for a roost.
    The ee. seemed to act most normal, looking for a place to roost.
    Now, I assume I probably have some birds with fleas or mites, etc..
    Anything I can do to help these girls out?? they are not obviously looking like they have issues... just there behavior!! I couldn’t help myself!! They are so cute!
  2. Silkies for life

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    Jan 18, 2019
    Sandhills, North Carolina
    They are probably just getting used to their new area, mine get excited for new shavings too!:wee
  3. FarmerGirl101

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    Jun 20, 2016
    Umm. 3:15pm is not time for bed at all!
  4. Bamabexchicks

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    Oct 30, 2018
    East central Alabama
    So glad you rescued those sweet babies! First thing I would do is dust them with permethrin to make sure you control the mites,etc. Check body condition for thin birds, and if they are you might wanna take a fecal sample to your vet to see if worms are involved. Check the legs and feet for scale mites too, vaseline is the easiest remedy for those. I'm sure since you have had chickens before you know about nutrition,etc. Good luck with your new girls!
  5. FarmerGirl101

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    Jun 20, 2016
    Pretty much what @Bamabexchicks said, I would just do a full head to toe check up. Can you post a picture of their beaks, toenails, and their pads/feet as they might have overgrown beaks and nails from being in a muddy environment. Bumblefoot is also a possibility. Leg pictures could also help determine scaly leg mites if you are unsure
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