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Discussion in 'Geese' started by Kalsti, Feb 25, 2015.

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    Jul 31, 2013
    We rescued a beautiful white Embden goose "Joey" almost two years ago now, as she was lame due to osteomyelitis, and kids were hitting her with sticks, stones, etc. Upon getting her examined, the Vet determined that she had a 6" long and 1" wide keel wound (on her chest area.). The wound was covered by a black scab type material.

    She did well on antibiotics and the osteomyelitis cleared up, and she now walks without falling with each step. BUT, after a year and a half her keel wound still had not healed.

    I contacted experts in the field of exotics, some at universities. The majority of them said there were no published studies of outcomes for treating this medical problem, either through surgery closure or medical treatments.
    Then I met a woman one day two months ago in our local grange. She had a horse that had been injured in a barbed wire accident, and she told me that Wonder Dust directly into the wound would help to clean it up and heal. She had used it twice a day on her horse.

    So for two months I have been applying Wonder Dust (on Amazon) to Joey's wound before she goes into her night time pen once daily. Her hay is always fresh each night (using deep litter method), and her daytime resting area is kept dry with fresh hay daily so that her chest area would stay as dry as possible.
    She has had access to the pond as needed, etc. and eats healthy waterfowl pellets, cracked corn and lettuce, apples.

    I am so happy to share that with this regime her keel wound has decreased down to about 1" by 1" (FROM 6" LONG). IT IS PINK AND LOOKS LIKE IT WILL BE HEALING SOON.
    I just wanted to let folks know that if they have a similar situation (apparently not that common) that there is a strong possibility that this treatment regime will work for them....It is not scientific by any means, but it has proven to work in this case. Of course the pets' veterinarians should be advised and kept informed of any use such as this.....Best wishes and good luck!
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    Thank you for the info K and wonderful news about Joey. Have it on my list for my medicine chest.
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    Awesome! I will have to get some to keep on hand just in case I need it.
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    Apr 25, 2012
    That is awesome to read.
    There is a powder that must be similar to this called BFI.
    It is still available in some drugstores.
    When friends have had dogs with hotspots and other wounds that they couldn't clear up with ointments I have recommended the BFI and it dries them up and heals them in no time.
    Thank you for the information I will be getting some to keep on hand.

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