new hen (1 year old) now in with "chicks" 14 weeks & 10 weeks

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    I was so nervous - she had been quarantined for long enough - so today I moved the older girl next to the others and after a bit of biting through the fence, I let her in - and was ready to protect my "babies". Well, she nipped at a few, and chased others - I think she is headed straight to the top of the pecking order (LOL and she's a bantam, and smaller than all the rest). So far so good, I watched at they settled on the bar for bedtime, things were a little touchy at first, but they settled in and all seems well. They lost a rooster today and gained a cute hen, so let's keep those fingers crossed that tomorrow am is good.

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    Sounds good! Hope this helps! [​IMG]

    [​IMG]: [​IMG]: [​IMG]: [​IMG]:
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