new hen acting very strange

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    I just bought some new hens, one of them is acting very strange, she hides in a corner, yesterday I found her on the water dish which was dry, I filled it and she drank for the longest time, I had to move her off because she just kept sitting on it (with her butt over the water, when I picked her up she spewed water her crop was so full. It felt like a water balloon. Her tail is down, she closes her eyes a lot and cheeps like a baby chick.

    She started laying in Jan so she is around 20 weeks.

    I went up later and gave her some gatorade which she drank a lot of, then she walked funny like she needed to go to the bathroom, which she finally did and it was pure water. I thought she either had to poo or lay an egg. This morning I found her in the corner again, gave her some more gatorade which she drank, not much, she seemed more interested in the bottle I laid beside her? She pecked at that for a while then drank a little more. She has not eaten that I saw yesterday and wasn't interested this morning. When she walks she brings her feet way up high.

    Her crop was not full of water this morining so it seems to be processing what ever she is drinking. I felt her body but I am not sure what I am really looking for, no sign of discomfort. How do you check for egg bound? Other than feeling for something hard and if they look like they are trying to lay. Which she isn't anymore. And she is still cheeping? Like she is trying to comfort herself? I am at a loss. All the other hens seem just fine.
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    well you might want to bring her inside where you can closely moniter her. If she is egg bound you might try giving her a warm soak they seem to like it and it could help her lay the egg. Have you tried to do an internal examine to see if you can feel an egg? be sure to lube your finger before and don't go in to far so as not to break the egg. Put her in a nice warm place and.. might want to try to get her to eat some yogurt since it's full of needed calcium. good luck and hope she pulls through.

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