New hen and rooster, can you tell me what breed??

my sunwolf

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Apr 22, 2012
Southwest Virginia
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My Coop
Both look like barnyard mixes to me, unless I'm not familiar with their breeds. The dark face on the hen makes me think she might be mixed with a Sumatra, and the roo looks like some sort of RIR cross.


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Oct 18, 2012
NW Oklahoma
I got both from local people. The Rooster my daughter picked out because he was "pretty" lol. The hen was from a guy who was getting out of chickening. He said all his stuff was ordered as day olds from a hatchery and it was a mixture of pure breds but he couldn't remember what kind. We also got several polish hens from him that e had got from the same place. We got them for next to nothing to replace or hens that were killed earlier this month and I was just curious what the hens might be.

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