New Hen Broody Without Laying

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    I got two hens a couple weeks ago. They are last springs chicks. I moved them into the main coop/run 5 days ago. This morning one was in a tizzy. Everyone when out to free range and she stayed behind. When I went to let the girls back in, I discovered she had pulled all the bedding from the nest boxes (which is in the raised coop) as well as the golf balls from said boxes and made herself a nest right in front of the run door. She was pecking at the girls trying to get in past her. I tried shooing her and she got really nasty. I resorted to tossing (gently) the seven hens over her and into the run. Later in the afternoon I went to refill the waterer. She quite viciously pecked my ankles as I scaled over her to get in.

    Obviously she has gone broody. Is it odd that she'd go broody at a new place when she hasn't even laid (neither New girl has - the integration has been especially rough this time). Should I try taking her off the nest and onto the roost tonight and break down the nest she made? If I take away the golf balls will she try stealing the girls eggs? I'm shocked that she could get those golf balls down the 2' ladder, but I can't imagine the eggs would fair well.
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