new hen has an all red head (added pics)


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Jul 9, 2010
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I did not know where to post this.

I bought five chickens from a woman. Two hens and three pullets. They are Barred Rocks to go with my rooster. They are presently in quarantine. Two hens in one tractor and the three pullets in the other.

I did not notice this at first as I brought them home in the evening. The next day I was looking at the one hen and what I thought was pulled out feathers maybe from pecking or from a rooster was really an all red is like the comb and wattle all have ran together to the back partway down her head. I did notice feathers missing on her sides/wing area from a rooster. I don't know if I ever actually saw her head but remember seeing the other hens head. The pullets were around 18 weeks and I separated them from the hens because this red head was so mean.

I understand pecking order but the pullets cowered in a corner for two days as flat as they could get and every time one of them stood up Red would run over and peck at them. I decided I did not want the three pullets to be cowered down birds and moved them. I already know that I will not put Red in with anyone else after the quarantine. She just may have to live in the chicken tractor by herself.

Is it just a deformity for her entire head to be red? No feathers at all on it? It just doesn't look right......anyone? I really don't like this hen at all....but I started worrying about this condition. She also lays really thin shelled eggs. I have started upping the hens protein and calcium because of that. (and probably that is the reason the lady sold them to me..) I am okay with it because the pullets look really good and are acting much better since I separated them.

Lucy the red head on the left, Ethel on the right

Just Lucy....what the heck is wrong with her head?????
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I knew I needed to. It has just been on my mind and I have been looking online for answers. I will try and get a picture tomorrow. She is in the chicken tractor and I am afraid it will be hard to get a clear picture of her....but I will try tomorrow when the light is really good and see what I can get.....I am telling you it is just weird looking.

I know what you mean. My barred/white rock cross went "bald" months ago. Got the red head too. Kinda looks like male pattern baldness. No lice or mites, wasn't molting, not picking. I dunno. Hoping it will eventually grow back as it is kind of weird. On the good side, no health issues.

Well thank goodness someone knew what I was talking about. It just did not look right. All I had was a BR rooster. All I wanted was some girls for him so he would not be lonely...silly I know. Built him his own run after the top roo beat him up for three days in a row.....he thought sharing the hens was a good idea....head roo did not. And I like both roosters. I swear I think the Lone Rooster knows the new girls are his. They are far away from him out in the garden in their tractor and pen but he can see them. He chatters at them all day.

But this red headed hen really is mean. The other hen seems calm and lays good eggs. I know they are close to 18 mos. old. I don't want my rooster ruined by her meaness so I am not going to put her in with the others when the time comes. I want her rank to be at the bottom and give the pullets time to grow up some.

Thanks for is nice to know that it is not 'anything'......still weird looking though.
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I remembered to take the picture, but fell asleep at the keyboard and never got it posted. Yours looks balder than mine.
Here it is:


i had a bald headed brahma hen who was bald when i bought her. 6months later she went through a major moult and her head feathers grew back in!
spish....that was what I was reading yesterday! That with molt the feathers would grow back. I bought this hen with the bald head! Bought two hens and three pullets. Everyone else looks good. Can you believe I did not notice her head. I did notice however her wings, right at the top, were missing feathers and felt like it was rooster damage. Man, this is one ugly hen! Now looking forward to molt.

I do believe she was a victim of pecking by her peers though. I think that made her in turn be a pecker. lol
She attacked the pullets every chance she got until they laid flat in the pen in a corner. So I took them out and put them in their own pen. Now they stand up and look happy. This hen, after quarantine, will stay by herself for a couple of weeks. Then she will go in with the other....maybe...that is my plan. Or, I may try her with the other four and watch her closely. If she continues the peck the younger ones she just might have to live by herself forever.

Thanks for your input....I would know nothing about chickens without BYC and everyones help!

IMP.....I understand falling asleep at the computer. I do. And thanks for posting a picture of your hen! And yes, mine looks worse! But, with good feed and healthy treets I am hoping that after her molt...whenever that happens...she ends up with feathers on her head.

Right at three more weeks before the Lone Rooster gets his girls! I hope they all are happy with each other. Three more weeks will give the pullets time to get some size on them too. They already look bigger and healthier. This next week I am going to start letting them out of their pens into the garden to free range a couple of hours before dark. I want to be able to spend some time with them and see how they act. They were so afraid at first and I understand that....but now they are meeting me at the door to the tractor to see what I am bringing them.

Tks Imp!!

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