New hen In quarantine- Clear Foul Smelling nasal discharge-

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    I just made the biggest mistake ever- I purchased 2 adult hens from a guy on craigslist- i was way too excited about our first frizzle and our first polish so when i noticed that the frizzle hen was dirty and had a rotten abscess like smell i thought i was definitely going to find a wound on her (not the end of the world)-but i didnt-
    once home i noticed a clear thin nasal discharge and once i wiped it , i smelled the napkin and sure enough thats where this disgusting rotten smell is coming from- its a good thing i quarantined both seperately. The polish hen is showing no signs of illness but i am very concerned it might be coryza .... after thinking about how 1/3 of this guys other chickens looked (sneezing , swollen shut eyes , bald spots,green water) i am thinking "what the **** possessed me to- not only bring these chickens home but i paid for them. - call it compassion call it stupidity- i think its a little of both
    So now i am off to the vet- hoping she can test for it in house Vs. sending it out to the lab. In the meantime she can start her on meds. The Frizzle hen is eating , i have not seen her drink. she is alert but not very active. her Stool was Loose- dark Greenish with what looked like possibly a tiny bit of pink like when they shed the lining??I know there is a wide variety of weird looking "normal" chicken poops
    I will update after i get back from the vets & i will add pics.
    Hoping for the best. Cant wait to find out whats going on.Scared for the safety of my existing Flock of 6 pet chickens& one duck
    For now i have the two new chickens in seperate coops inside the house and until i get a difinitive diagnosis im going nuts thinking about whether i tracked anything in on my shoes from the guys property or whether the sick chicken touched my shirt and i forgot to change before going outside to see my chickens.....
    If my foot could reach , I would be kicking myself in the booty because i know better
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    Infectious coryza.
  3. JP101010

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    Thats what im thinking- Hoping the Vet Can prove me wrong
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    If your flock is currently healthy, I would not put those birds with them, even if you think you want to treat them. That is really the point of quarantine, to keep disease out of your flock. If it is Coryza, she will be a carrier, most likely. You already said you know better, but you didn't listen to your gut--happens all the time. Just try to disinfect everything you touched or that touched you. Sad that someone will keep animals in those conditions, but it's all too common. Poor animals, but compassionate person that you obviously are, your current flock is more important than these birds you just brought home. I think you know that, though, from what you've said.
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    yes of course. they have been quarantined from the second i brought them home- thank god i did that- but i cant help but to think "did i forget to change my shirt out"- "what about my shoes" - i am a worry wart by nature- even when we have a parvo patient in isolation at work i get crazy.
    well im off to the clinic with the two birds
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    Let us know what you find out, if you would.
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    Unfortunately cultures cannot be done in house and to send it out we would need to do it before therapy (right away) and the cost is considerable.The vet on staff at the clinic tonight isnt an avian specialist but she started her on baytril and doxycycline. plus a sterile flush for the sinuses. i was also instructed to treat the other chicken with no symptoms from the same breeder with just doxy.It is important that she is eating while taking these heavy duty meds so i will wait till the AM to get a bit of food in her before dosing her. She already looks more comfortable after having the nasal passages flushed and cleared.
    Pics will be posted soon
    if she responds well to treatment i would like to eventually put her in with my small flock but without ever knowing whether its coryza or not i cant take the risk. the vet is going to consult with her avian dvm colleague and see about a coryza vaccine for my small flock.If thats not an option than we might have to build a seperate chicken coop and run on the other side of the house...but even then i will have to constantly stop and think about cross contaminating , etc
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    Apr 14, 2010
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    Had a nice polish rooster that had similar symptoms to what you described. The smell was really bad, vet opened his mouth and there was a waxy substance (really thick) lining his throat and mouth area. Vet cleaned it out with a watered down solution of .... (dang i just forgot the name of it but it's what vets use to clean their tables and sanitize work areas) and qtips. I thought it was pox that had gone inside but vet wasnt sure, he treated for the bacteria. Had roo in the house in a small cage and a childrens humidifier/steamer blowing on him. He'd hang his head into the steam and breath deeply. We actually lost him but vet says it was because he was dehydrated and malnourished since he refused to eat, I think he was in alot of pain.

    Hope it goes better for you, keep posting updates:caf
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    mauigirl, that sounds a bit like your bird may have had canker, which coats the throat like that. There are so many avian diseases that keep the birds carriers and by keeping them, you risk the rest of your healthy flock, including canker, CRD/mycoplasmosis, Coryza, etc. It's not for the faint of heart sometimes, this chicken keeping.
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    Very happy to wake up to a Chatty frizzle Chicken , Eating and Drinking [​IMG]
    Time to dose- Going to try to make a small volume slurry and maybe throw a few meal worms but if she doesnt devour it than ill have to just pill her > which i originally thought was weird but vet says go for it.
    shes scratching around and acts healthy but i am still very aware at the problem at hand . she doesnt have any facial swelling but her sinuses are full.hopefully the antibiotics will start clearing up the infection & im still hopeful for the possibility of vaccinating my small flock for possible future integration. For now they are safe due to strict quarantine procedures.

    Also im thinking i should look into reporting this guy who sold me these birds.i dont like to start trouble but i feel like if i dont , some other idiot like me will end up in the same predicament or worse if they dont automatically quarantine as a rule of thumb.

    Also- is there a good disinfectant that doesnt have harmful effects on the chickens respiratory. I have access to something called "disintegrator" or A-33 which is a safe disinfectant that we use at animal hospitals & boarding facilities- has anyone ever used these or something similar?
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