New hens coming home today.

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    Dec 31, 2008
    New Hampshire
    So sunday night a fishercat got 5 of my babies (they were almost 8 weeks old). I was really mad but i realized that i had to have at lest 12 hens because my senior project is my organic farm(eggs meat and vegis) so i called my 4-h county agi leader and she set my up with an older man who can no longer take care of his chickens. He has around 20-30 he said. I want to take them all but i can only take 12 (6-7 for my self and 5-6 for my 4-h leader) Harry (the older man) said he wants me to take all of them but i just dont have room. This is one of those situations where i wish i had made a really big coop. All the hens are eather a year or younger or a year and a half old so they all still have some good egg laying years.

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