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    May 29, 2013

    I got two new hens in January, and they are 2 year old.
    One of them has extremely bad mites and they both have their back claws pointing UP!
    Here are some images.
    How long will the feathers grow back for? (I have the powder)
    Are there claws me to be like that?


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    What you are looking at is not mites. They may have mites/lice, but the feather loss is due to some pretty severe feather picking issues. If the picking ceases, some of the feathers will grow back soon after but most will probably not come in until molt. If the picking is still occurring, it will need to be stopped via application of anti-picking solution and separation of aggressors, after which feathers will come back in upon molt.

    Those are not claws, those are spurs. Spurred hens occur though they are uncommon. It relates to either the hen's genetics or her hormones depending on the case.
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