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    I live in the Virgin Islands and am tired of paying $6 for a dozen organic eggs....I have never owned chickens before, but how hard can it be? My neighbors had some and I helped them a little before my roommate's dog killed them all... sorry.
    Roommate is gone so I figured i'd start a flock of my own!
    I ordered six Plymouth Rock hen pullets and am impatiently waiting for them to arrive any day now.
    Not entirely sure what my own dog will think. I have a five year old female blue pit bull. She hates cats but doesn't really know what to think about the wild chickens in my neighborhood. Guess we will all have to be properly introduced!
    Got some land cleared and coop is being built tomorrow by my construction worker friends whom I bribed with beer and BBQ.
    So far very impressed with this website and its information. I'm sure it will be coming in real handy.
    Will post more as the excitement unfolds!
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    Welcome to BYC!! [​IMG] Chicken-raising is a little harder that expected. Don't get too ambitious. [​IMG] My dog was 7 years old when I got my first chickens. She is acutely scared of the chickens, now, because she would get in trouble if she touched them. She was mostly nice to them, so, that should work out fine. Make sure their coop is study and completely fences all over. Many predators like chickens or eggs. Good luck. [​IMG] If you have any questions, just ask.
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    Meant completely fenced in. [​IMG]
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    I have a couple things going for me so far at least. Coop will be built on my septic so it will have a cement floor. We don't really have the typical predators most places do. All I have to discourage are rats and mongoose (like small ferret that will certainly like eggs). Some feral cats but they stay away due to the dog.
    Hoping to allow free range once they get older as I have an acre of land and 80 undeveloped acres around me :)
    Thanks for the responses- any advice welcome!
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