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Hi all...

I hoep that you can help...this past sat I got 3x hens all around 22 weeks old...

1x Light Sussex, 1 x Bleu Des Landes and 1 x unknown.

The unknown bird is top banana...then the Bleu Des Landes and then the Light Sussex...

Now at night the unknown goes to roost 1st then the Bleu and then the Light Sussex...

The light Sussex just seems to be so withdrawn...last out of the coop....I had to take it out today at 14:00....scared that it will not eat....

It just seems to be a very sad and lonely bird...any advice???

i wouldnt worry about 1 hen being timid.they will all adjust to the henhouse in for leaving the henhouse.theyll do that when their ready to venture outside.
Opened the coop this morning at 07:00 and it is now 13:30 and she is still there same place....


It takes time to get used to a new home. Make sure feed and water is where she can get to it easily without having to venture too far from her safe place.
Thanks for the reply...I have made a makeshift feeder from a bean tin and a plastic dish and put a temp water bowl into the corner of the coop for her....

Many thanks
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How long do some hens take to come out from their hiding places when they have been timid little baby is still in the coop....??

Have done as you have suggested and it looks like to top bird is picking on her....

The top bird ignore's the other bird but picks on the Light Sussex.

Would colour have anything to do with this...both the top bird and the Bleu de Landes are dark and the the light Sussex is white?

Just a thought...?

She is being intimidated and bullied. Your lead hen can make her life miserable and even starve her to death. Take the lead hen out of the flock. Pen her up away from the flock and see if the other bird improves. You will shake up the pecking order. In about a week or so bring the bully hen back and see what happens.
They seemed to have settled down a bit and the chasing has stopped for the time the event that this continues I shall take out the bully for a weeks 'solitary' as per your suggestion.

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