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    Feb 27, 2013
    I recently went to an auction and purchased 2 hens and a rooster. As far as I can tell, one is a sex link and the other is a black orp.I put them in a 7ft x 7ft pen that I had just built, with a doghouse lifted off the ground for them to get in. One of the hens laid an egg in the doghouse 2 days after I got them. 2 days later (day 4), I built nesting boxes as well as places for them to roost, and I removed the dog house. They haven't laid an egg since. It's been 8 days. The hay in the nesting boxes is rounded out like they've been in there, but when I go down there at night, they're on the roost and I haven't picked up any eggs. Do they need an adjustment period when being moved? If so, how long does this normally take?

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    I added two hens and a rooster to my flock of three in November , and the two new hens didnt miss a beat, they laid the next morning, then I decided to add Ifour new hens to my flock, they just started laying over17 days without any eggs from any of the new hens... So it takes some time for adjustment for some,so every chicken is different.
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    The stress of a move can cause them to stop laying. When I added 4 new hens to my flock, they all stopped laying. You can put some apple cider vinegar in their water.. it helps with stress. I did this and within a few days, they were all laying again.
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