new here from columbia, tennessee


10 Years
Oct 6, 2009
Shelbyville, Tennessee
hi.... i am from middle tennessee and just started raising chicks this spring. started with 78 chicks and 16 guinea for the sole purpose of cutting back the tick population around my house. I fell in love with my babies while they were in the brooder. sadly my fairly large flock of poultry has been reduced to 3... due to crows and a fox. i have 1 RIR Roo 1 white leghorn hen and 1 b.b. red banty hen. my banty hen just started setting eggs and abandoned nest so now i am incubating 10 eggs for the first time in a home made incubator. thank you to every one here at BYC for providing so much helpful info. i have been on this website for 3 straight! i think now with the help of BYC my banty eggs may have a fighting chance!
Hi, Monita.... nice to find another Tennessean here. It's always sad to lose birds to the predators, but I guess it goes with the territory around here. We lost two hens and a rooster to what was probably a raccoon this past Julyst predator problem in 18 months. I wanted to replace the rooster but ended up getting two buff rock roosters from a guy in Pikeville; they were so pretty I couldn't resist. Then what I thought was a pullet that my broody hen had hatched turned out to be a rooster also. So now I have 3 roos and 7 hens and I'm getting about one egg every other day. Sometimes it just doesn't work! I've learned a lot from this website though and enjoy reading it daily. Good luck with your hatch!
fixed part of the predator problem... hauled the neighbors dogs off and invested in a pellet rifle... now if i can just dispose of the fox and crows! thanks for the welcomes!!!

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