New here - our roo is injuring one of the girls, I think


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Mar 20, 2008
We have five hens and a rooster. The rooster seems to have a particular affection (I guess...) for one of the hens, and he climbs on her frequently. The problem is that she is getting raw and even a little bloody under her wings. We did have to isolate her once when it got really bad, but she healed and we returned her to the flock. She does not seem unhappy or unhealthy, and no one seems to be pecking at her, but I am concerned. My dh wants to get rid of the roo but the kids would be heartbroken. Any advice would be really appreciated.
well theres 1 or 2 things you can do.1 is serch for chicken put on the hens back to try to keep her from getting so torn up.2 get rid of your rooster.or pen him or the hen off to themselves.
I have never heard of a chicken saddle - looks like a great idea! I wonder if she will put up with it?
I just put on new chicken saddles on three of my Roo's favs. They work GREAT and are a lifesaver. It took less than a few minutes for them to get used to the saddles. IMHO it is a must to protect your hens, before serious injury and the host of additional problems that brings sets in.

Do a search for "chicken saddles" and you will pull up several posts, mine included, that recently discusses this issue.

I got mine from a lady who specializes in making these saddles. Her website is Of course they are easily made from the patterns, if you can sew, which I cannot.

Its been only a few days now, and they are already showing signs of healing underneath. You can leave the sadles in place 24/7 and the feathers will grow back. They even dust bathe with them on!

Yea Chicken Saddles do wonders. I got my pattern for them from Farmer Kitty. I used the simpe no sew on but they worked great. Just went to fabric store and got some scrap polar fleece and cut out the pattern and put them on the chickens. Never even bothered them.

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