New here! Virus in my folk?


Nov 9, 2012
Abbotsford BC
I'm new here. I grew up with chickens but haven't had them in years. 6 months ago we started a folk of bantam hens and they were great, besides wanting chicks all the time! 4 months ago I added 4 rhode island hens with no issues.
The problems started two weeks ago. I added an additional 7 rhode islands and one rooster. They are 5 months old. They didn't look as great as my other hens but I figured some free ranging and good food would get them looking better.
Well then I noticed one hen with her eye half closed. She is eating and drinking so I thought nothing of it.
Then a couple days later my bantam rooster was hunched over in the corner. His head was all wobbly and he can't stand. He felt hot. I brought him inside and gave her water, antibiotics and mashed up food. He seems starving but can't eat. He loosing balance when trying to walk. This has been four days and no major improvement? Do you think there is hope for him to get better?

I also had a new hen who got sick almost immediately. She was congested and hunched over. Her eyes looked droopy and pale and she wouldnt eat. 5 days on the antibiotics and she is gearing, drinking and looking normal.
The problem is I am noticing this eye problem through out the entire flock. It seems to be spreading. I even heard one sneeze. I have been giving antibiotics as a precaution. Do you think I should be concerned? I live in bc Canada and the weather is getting colder. I have two heat lamps installed and a light to extend the days. What else can I do! I really don't want to loose my folk!!
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