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Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by monarc23, Dec 19, 2008.

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    Thought I'd make my own thread on a thing I've been curious about.

    My husband and I will be starting our house searching in the spring of 09' with that said... it looks like we will just be looking for a home that's close to his work site and I doubt we'll get any amount of land for several sheds and what not for birds.

    I plan to raise my quail indoors if that happens in sunrooms, or in a room built in our future basement. And also small chickens like seramas and possibly silkies all indoors to avoid any problems with neighbors and noises (planning on installing soundproofing as well).

    I was thinking if I have a nice covered porch, would it be stupid to think I could make a pigeon coop type thing right in my porch? I know i could make it decient looking and as long as no one watched when I released my pigeons and when they returned I know I could make it look like a storage thing on my porch instead of a coop (incase I have neighbors who think pigeons are nasty).

    However, my question is, how sucessful could I be raising homers in a town so close to neighbors IF I do end up getting a home that close to neighbors? All around our county where theres towns, theres feral pigeons....(none in the area i live in now, too far in the woods too many predators and not enough resturants to keep pigeons happy here) so I *THINK* when I'd let my pigeons out no one would be upset as theres already so many pigeons.

    I am also curious would my homers possibly attract feral pigeons to my coop/loft whatever you'd want to call it? If so, do I have to worry about disease from pet pigeon to feral pigeon? If they mix bred would it dillute the homing instinct? If it's a bad idea to let them knowingly mix breed how do I effectively keep ferals out of my lofts?

    These may be stupid questions, i'm not sure...but was curious to ask them.

    My major concern is where to find a breeder at to get my first youngsters from. Any ole' homers will do as long as they're really homers, I don't need winning bloodlines as I won't be racing them other than to let them out to fly around for a bit before they come back.

    ALSO, before I forget, how long do I have to keep my young pigeons in before I can start letting them enjoy some freedom? Should I try to teach them to come when I call (like by shaking a feed can) or do I not care and let them come back when they want to.

    I'd deffinatly want the lofts to be trapdoors so they can only enter, not exit unless I want them to leave.

    Thanks for any answers you can give me even if you can't answer them all. I've raised pigeons before but never homers, other than a 2 homers I rescued that i never found their owners, a feral, and to parlor rollers.

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    I can't help as I haven't gotten any pigeons yet myself.... but I hope someone comes along with the answers.

    I've heard that some breeds or individual birds will fly away and never return and some will come back once they start hatching young at your location.
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    Yes you can raise homers within some towns. I Started back in Late 60s will racing homers. In a small town, I build a small loft
    (8ft X12ft) Few tricks train you birds to enter after each flight. Let them out to fly before you feed them. Dont let them land on any homes. DONT let them breed with the common pigeon, just remove any that enter you loft.

    Crossing with any pigeon will hurt the homing of all Homers.

    I do have a 2003 year book with all the pigeon racer in the USA ,if you let me know what area you live in. Have not rasised any since 2004, Have over 100 racers in your State, give me you area code and can give you some phone # in you area code.

    Old birds that are good homer will alway try to go back to their old loft.

    Breaking young birds is easy, just let them see the outside, take the first ones a few feet from the loft just when they are learning to fly, when they first leave the nest.

    Yes use the trap door. When in town, best to have the birds flying or in the loft. Feed the birds so there is feed for them when they return from their flight.

    If you are not going to take them from home, you can enjoy roller.

    All pigeon will home, as long as they can see their loft.
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  4. deerman

    deerman Rest in Peace 1949-2012

    Aug 24, 2008
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