new hoop house - a few details please


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Jun 23, 2011
wyandotte, mi
I have just discovered hoop houses and I think it will be the perfect design for me. I have a space between my garage and fence that I would like to put it. I have seen a ton of ideas here. I am planning on using cattle panels and chicken wire. I don't really have any predators in my area (a suburban neighborhood), so it doesn't need to be Fort Knox. I just have a few questions

1. I live in Michigan. Its gets cold and it snows. Is this really a practical idea for my climate?

2. I have never used a cattle panel or even seen on in person. The area I am using is about 7 feet wide. Will a 16 ft cattle panel bend that far?

3. For anyone who has one, what is the most important advice you can give me?

Thanks everyone!! This is the best website!!


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Apr 23, 2014
Hi, The best piece of advice I can give you regarding a hoop house is to pin it very well to the ground! Sadly I learned the hard way that they can fly quite far in the wind. I thought mine was sufficiently staked until the wind caught it and threw it 100 yards down to the bottom of the hill.
Its a pretty good design otherwise.

To answer your other question! Yes, a cattle panel will bend to fit a 7' area! Mine was a 8'x8' and I had no problems bending the panels. I did find it was much easier to use a couple of ratchet straps to hold the panels in the arch shape.

I cant be much of a help with your winters as I am a warm weather gal! My instincts are telling me that you will still need a proper chicken house during the winter. The hoop coop setup would be perfect for a nice protected run if attached to a proper solid insulated coop.
hope this helps, Good luck with your new coop! Just don't forget to triple stake it to the ground, LOL!


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Nov 30, 2013
Pottstown, PA
You should build a solid house-like structure with a well supported roof, otherwise winter is going to be miserable for you and your birds. The hoop house is a good idea for a run or even for warm weather housing (I'm using one to grow out chicks right now).
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