New Horse :D pics!


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
Knoxville, TN
Y'all, I'm so excited... I fell in love with this mare the first time I saw her and the owner finally put her up for sale & now she's MINE (insert evil laugh here)!!!



Isn't she gorgeous? Just had to show her off to people that would understand my excitement
She is so beautiful!!! I have wanted a horse since I was a little girl, and have yet to get one! (I'm 35, well, in 2 days
We have the property, just not the right kind of pasture nor the funds to support a horse right now. Someday. Anyway, you are so lucky, what kind is she?
There are ALOT of horses that need rescuing right now, and the feed is really not the expensive. It may be more at first, to get weight on underweight horses, but in the long run it really is not that much. We rescued two mustangs last April, and after the fattening up stage, they cost far less than the chickens do. They get Bermuda grass in the morning and alfalfa #2 at night, and carrots and apples as treats/snacks. Horse apples are a case of 72 apples for $7, carrots are 50# for $5.

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