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  1. Hey, y'all! My man and I are just a few short days from closing on our own little piece of paradise. One of my favorite things that our new home features is a 12'x16' outbuilding with a loft that backs up to a large pond - yay for my ducks! I have laid claim to the outbuilding for my birds and I'm trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with the inside of this new coop. I plan on adding around 12-15 new chickens & possibly 2 ducks to our 2 existing Old English Game bantams and 3 ducks once we get settled.

    Does anyone have suggestions as far as what to add to the new coop to co-habituate the ducks and chickens? (They currently live separately.) Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

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    Well by the size of your new coop you could put in a board across the whole width of the building and the close in the top with hardware cloth or chicken wire and then you have a sectioned off place for the ducks and still have plenty of room for the chickens as I don't know much about ducks. But I know they don't roost they need at lest enough space to lay down and maybe have there food and water in there but maybe not the water as I know for one thing ducks are sloppy with there water so maybe the water could just stay outside
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    Just make sure that the ducks have a clean place to sleep where they wont be pooped on by roosting chickens [​IMG]
  4. They are going to have their own little sleeping house inside of the coop on the opposite wall from the roosts :) I've read that ducks and chickens do really well together.
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    They do if the chickens can stay out of the duck water mess and the ducks can stay out from under the chickens roost.
    Does building have good ventilation?
    What is walls and floor made of?

    I have a 16'x16' building. 6' of it is a split coop with 2 separate runs, the rest of building is far.
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  6. As far as the water is concerned, I was thinking about setting the water container on a platform over a bed of medium sized rocks to hopefully drain any spilled water into the ground.

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