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    Let me start by saying I am 34 years old. I dropped out of HS at the age of 14 when I thought I knew better than everyone. Well guess what. I didn't. Todays age does not allow for you to be a drop out and still be able to eat very well. At least not in the fields I am good at. I tried to get my GED several times faily each and every time. It did not allow for my busy lifestyle. I then learned I could earn a diploma online. So I did it. I found a course of study that would allow me to go at my own pace. Well today I finished my courses and am officially done. At 34 years old I have graduated from HS. Maybe soon I will start college who knows.
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    congrats! [​IMG]
    you know what they say, better late than never!
  3. Good for you. I urge you to go to college. It is cheapest and easiest to go to the junior college (they have night and online classes) for 2 years then transfer for the last 2 years to a university where you will have a bachelors degree.
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    RHRanch is correct get a college degree from a reputable school at least an associates degree in today's work force it is almost as hard to get a job with a high school diploma than without
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    While a college degree is a REALLY good idea, I expect you are not a fan of school. I was not either, and I too dropped out in 10th grade, and did manage to get a GED when I was 19. I tried college 3 seperate times. There is this thing where if you argue with a professor you are kicked out of class!!! Who knew!
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    Congrats! My dd will be going the online school route for HS or just getting her GED at 16. I told both my kids that whatever schooling they decide on(where you pay) make sure it gives you usable skills for the workplace.My college degree looks good on paper,but did not provide much in the way of skills. I had to learn those on my own.

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