New idea for tractor wheels


8 Years
May 17, 2011
I used rotating trailer jacks with wheels.

Nice idea!

Does it put too much stress on the single wheel while you're working to get the second wheel up? (I'm thinking you have four of these - one on each corner?) Must not, if you've been using this a while. I like it!

(A closer picture would be helpful for those of us seeking ideas - to show hardware store employees!)
Since I took this picture I have mounted another jack in the middle of each end to lift it up and enable the wheels to rotate down.
Nice, (and spendy). Cool thing is that if you have uneven ground you can level them out. As far as weight carrying capacity, they are rated to 750-1,000lbs for the smaller ones.

Another added plus is they swivel so you aren't stuck going just forwards and backwards.
Great idea. I would have mounted them up a little higher and spaced out so you could swing them down and then crank them up to lift the coop.

How does it move when you have it up on the wheels?

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