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  1. Hello! We let the kids bring home 4 chicks last May. One became a lovely rooster. The kids accidentally hatched 2 chicks in Feb (8 weeks ago) when they neglected to collect eggs for a week after Christmas and let "Rosie" go broody ("isn't she cute? She thinks she'll hatch some chicks"...).

    Our chickens receive many visitors. A few people have said they're afraid of catching diseases from the chickens. Is there any truth to that?

    I am a nurse, my husband's a doctor, he says there's probably more toxoplasmosis in housecats, more worms in pet dogs and more cryptosporidium in swimming pools than transmittable disease from our chickens. According to literature, all flu virus is avian(birds) so we ARE careful to keep visiting kids from touching the new chicks; I wash hands a lot around here because both my husband and myself have cared for many flu victims this winter, and we're wary of infecting the chicks.

    We're new at this and haven't had the vet out to worm our chickens yet. If we eat our chicken's eggs, how likely are we to catch intestinal parasites?

    Thank you for this forum!

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    I rarely worm my chickens. I only worm them if they have worms. It is very unlikey (Ive never heard of it happening) to get internal parasites from eggs.
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    Glad to have you here! [​IMG]

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